Book a Tattoo IN THE BAY AREA 11/6 & 11/7


ABOUT ME: I’m em. I’ve been tattooing for 10 years and have spent many years as a fine artist, graphic designer, and counselor. I normally tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

I will be visiting Diving Swallow Tattoo in Oakland, CA on 11/6 and 11/7/2019. I will be taking one 4-5 appointment each day at noon and will be working in black ink only. This is enough time to work on a half arm sleeve, front or back of thigh piece, partial back or chest piece (about 8”x10”). View my most recent work on instagram

IMPORTANT: Please be sure you want to book a tattoo and are ready to cover a deposit before submitting this request. Deposit is $300. This deposit goes towards your tattoo cost.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response to your request. Please do not follow up with us. We will send out offers for large/early appointments first, then once those deposits are submitted, smaller tattoos will receive offers. If I can’t accommodate your request, you will still receive a response.


THESE APPROXIMATE TIME/PRICE ESTIMATES ARE FOR BLACK INK TATTOOS. Exact estimates aren't possible because some tattoos take longer than others for reasons outside of our control.

  1. For tattoos that require lots of detailing, such as snake scales or feathers, double the time listed for the detailed area (x2).
  2. For full color or fully blacked-out tattoos, triple the time listed (x3). For partial color, only consider those areas.
  3. For areas where your skin is stretchy, such as the ribs or upper back, double the time (x2).
  4. Notice a subject limit on each item. This is the limit of objects you can include.
  • 4"x4"/PALM SIZED TATTOO: 1 hour & a limit of 2 subjects
  • 8"x4"/HAND SIZED TATTOO: 2 hours & a limit of 3 subjects
  • 8"x7"/SHOULDER CAP OR UPPER CHEST TATTOO: 3-5 hours & a limit of 5 subjects
  • 9"x12"/QUARTER SLEEVE OR THIGH TATTOO: 4-6 hours & a limit of 6 subjects
  • SIMPLE HALF SLEEVE: 5-7 hours & a limit of 6 subjects
  • DETAILED HALF SLEEVE: 8-10 hours & a limit of 8 subjects
  • SIMPLE FULL SLEEVE: 12-14 hours & a limit of 10 subjects
  • DETAILED FULL SLEEVE: 15-22 hours & a limit of 12 subjects
  • FULL FRONT OR BACK PIECE: 10-22 hours & a limit of 12 subjects

Unless you are visiting town, tattoos longer than 5 hours will be divided into several sessions with a minimum of 2 week healing periods between. You will be scheduled for the next appointment at the end of your first.

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Appointments 4+ hours: $300 *Deposit always goes towards your final tattoo cost
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I specialize in custom blackwork similar to etching. I do NOT tattoo: text/fonts, tattoos less than 3 inches high/wide, direct copies of other artwork/tattoos, watercolor, mandalas, or cultural symbology that isn't directly related to client.