The Scarlet Letter Club

The Scarlet Letter Club is a safe space luxury tattoo studio in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NYC (3 minute walk from the A/C subway to Nostrand Ave).

We pride ourselves in maintaining a tattoo environment that is feminist, queer-friendly, anti-racism, and body positive. We are by appointment-only in order to maintain a safe space and avoid walk-in interruptions, we send our address in a confirmation email after you book.

EMAIL IS OUR PREFERRED FORM OF CONTACT. If you have a concern that needs to be discussed by telephone, please email your artist with your number and a good time to contact you.

INSTAGRAM @scarletletterclub

    Deposit Terms Agreement

    A nonrefundable deposit secures your appointment. A deposit is the only way of assuring an artist protection against losing all of their income due to a cancellation and allows them to keep their small business running. Thanks for understanding. 

    • Your deposit will be applied to the cost of your tattoo fee for your final appointment
    • You have until 7 days prior to that date to change your appointment and apply this deposit to a new date. Rescheduling with less than 7 days notice will require a new deposit. You may reschedule up to 2 times per tattoo. On the third occurrence, you must submit a new deposit to cover admin costs.
    • Your deposit is non-refundable once submitted. If you change your mind, cancel your appointment, or don't show up, there will be no return of any portion of it. It will cover time spent scheduling, drawing, and will cover the spot if we are not able to find someone to fill it.
    • If you are late for your appointment, you will be charged starting 20 minutes after the time of you appointment (if your appointment is at 6pm, the clock will start at 6:20).
    • You will be considered a 'no-show' and your deposit will not be refunded if you are 30 or more minutes late for your appointment time. If you have an emergency, you are expected to contact your tattooer whenever possible.
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