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em16 tattoos studio is located in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NYC, and is by appointment only. We maintain a safe space: feminist, anti-racism, queer-friendly, and body-positive and we offer vegan procedures. Check us out on Yelp and instagram

Use the form below to request your tattoo appointment. Our hourly rate and minimum are $220 plus tip/tax. You will receive a response to your request in 1-2 weeks

NOW BOOKING JUNE 2017 Future bookings will be announced on instagram. Booking opens on the 1st of the month prior, so July booking opens June 1, August booking opens July 1, etc. If you are planning a trip that requires a plane ticket, please reach out before open booking if necessary.

**BROOKLYN HOURS: Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday. 12-8pm.**

We book in advance. Saturdays book quickly. If you can come on a weekday, you will be scheduled sooner. If you would like a rush appointment within the next 2 weeks, there is an additional rush fee to cover special accommodations, like moving other clients and working on days off.

TIME: Click here to figure out how long your tattoo will take.

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Please refer to the schedule above. Your booking will be delayed if you are not specific about dates. Most appointments are made without a separate consultation, unless your tattoo is irregularly shaped.
If I'm able to book your tattoo, I will direct you to a page where you can input more detailed information and put down a credit card deposit.
Please refer to the "time" link to get an idea of how long your tattoo will take.
I'd love to thank them!