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My licensedtattoo studio is located in Brooklyn, NYC, and is by appointment only. I maintain a safe space tattoo studio: feminist, anti-racism, queer-friendly, and body-positive. I offer vegan procedures. Check us out on instagram


Use the form below to request your tattoo appointment. My hourly rate/minimum/deposit is $220. I will respond with an appointment date and a link to put down a deposit. Please be sure that you are ready to book a tattoo with me before putting in a request.

Click here to figure out how long your tattoo will take.

**BROOKLYN HOURS: Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday. 12 - 8 pm.**

**TRAVEL DATES 2018: Requests are being accepted now for the following travel dates. Priority will be given to large projects of at least 3 hours. I will be tattooing in black ink only during travel. 

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for a response to your request. I book in advance. Saturdays book quickest. If you can come on a weekday afternoon, you will be seen sooner. If you would like a rush appointment within the next 2 weeks, there is an additional rush fee to cover special accommodations, such as moving other clients and working on off days.

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If your tattoo is chosen, I will direct you to a page where you can provide detailed information and submit a credit card deposit. I specialize in custom art, Blackwork (lines, dots) similar to etching. I do NOT tattoo: text, copies of other artist's artwork, watercolor style, or cultural symbology that isn't directly related to client, without exception. If you would like any of these subjects, please make a note that you would like to be scheduled with another artist in my studio.
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Check all times that you are available. I will book you for my soonest availability.
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