Tattoo Time Frames

Below are some time frames so you can get an idea of how long your tattoo might take. Exact estimates are not possible because some people take longer to tattoo than others. For example, sensitive areas like the ribs take longer to tattoo because many people flinch; loose or damaged skin takes longer to tattoo; some skin chemistries are rougher due to dryness or hormone levels.

The longest appointment slot I offer in my system is 4 hours. I will not schedule additional tattoos that day and we will go over if we are both able, in order to finish. Overall, I don't recommend sitting for more than 4-5 hours per day. Longer tattoos will be divided into several sessions with 2 week healing periods between them. 


Exact estimates are not possible because some tattoos take longer than others for reasons outside of our control.

  1. For tattoos that require lots of fine line patterning, such as snake scales or feathers, double the time listed (x2).

  2. For color tattoos, triple the time listed (x3).

  3. For areas where your skin is stretchy or hard to reach, such as the ribs, stomach, or shoulder blade, double the time (x2).

  4. Pay attention to object limit on each item. This is the approximate limit of objects (flowers, elements, insects, animals, bones) that I can reasonably design into a piece. Simpler is always better when it comes to tattoos.

  • 4"x4"/PALM SIZED TATTOO: 1 hour & a limit of 2 objects

  • 8"x4"/HAND SIZED TATTOO: 2 hours & a limit of 3 objects

  • 8"x7"/SHOULDER CAP: 3-5 hours & a limit of 5 objects

  • 9"x12"/QUARTER SLEEVE OR THIGH TATTOO: 4-6 hours & a limit of 6 objects

  • SIMPLE HALF SLEEVE: 5-7 hours & a limit of 6 objects

  • DETAILED HALF SLEEVE: 8-10 hours & a limit of 8 objects

  • SIMPLE FULL SLEEVE: 12-14 hours & a limit of 10 objects

  • DETAILED FULL SLEEVE: 18-24 hours & a limit of 15 objects

This example list is a work in progress. Thanks for your patience while I gather imagery!

1.5 HOURs




5 or more HOURS (multi-session tattoos)